Musings & rough cuts.

  • The deep end of the Fediverse, and a blog

    The deep end of the Fediverse, and a blog

    From an imploding Twitter to a profusion of federated and self-hosted platforms, including this blog. A few years ago I started the work to reclaim my digital and online footprint, to bring more of it within my own control using open source software and privacy-minded services. At the time that meant trading Gmail for Fastmail…

  • Opening a new chapter

    Opening a new chapter

    I’ve spent much of 2022 reflecting on what it means to be a good husband, brother, son, uncle, friend, citizen, leader, and ancestor, and how that intersects with who I am and where I’ve been. It’s an evolving project, to be sure. Life always is. But I’ve come to conclusions that are good enough for…

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