A photo of buildings in Iceland, it is edited to be black-and-white except for the queer bar which is painted in the colors of pride.

Being creative in public

I used to write short stories and poems, but somewhere along the line I became afraid to share and eventually just … stopped writing.

But life is too short to live inauthentically.

Yesterday, in a travel-weary state of mind, I challenged myself to write something, anything. Because I’ve been reconnecting with my love of poetry, that’s where I went.

And today I’m taking the plunge. I’m sharing what I wrote before my inner critic has time to build up a persuasive case to stay quiet.

Stories I Used to Tell Myself

Disabled is
other people.

The glass
that mediates
my daily existence?
Only window dressing,
I’m fine.

The catch
in my breath,
it’s so mild.
I carry help just in case, but
I’m fine.

The neurons
don’t always keep up,
others have it worse.
I sought help, but trust me
I’m fine.

No matter that
I am not enough to survive
this game unaided
on my own,
I’m fine.

Too strong of a word.

Not me.





3 responses to “Being creative in public”

  1. Shelby Kira Marvell Avatar


    Nah fam;
    Only at a disability,
    By a broken π‘Ίπ’π’„π’Šπ’†π’•π’šβ„’!

    1. Josh Simmons Avatar

      Yessss, so right. Disabled only insofar as society makes our existence disabling.

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