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  • Summer’s call

    Summer’s call

    I’ve been a bit quiet as I work through personal and professional transitions. In a twist of fate, I was laid off immediately after I felt I had finally found my footing in a new role back in March. More soon, my friends. A haiku for Northern California […]

  • Celebrating Scotty

    Celebrating Scotty

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my late brother Scott. I find myself with a surge of excitement, with something I can’t wait to share with him. Or reflecting with regret or warm nostalgia as I turn over the memories. Or falling out of conversation when something someone says reminds me.…

  • Fresh coat of paint for this professional

    Fresh coat of paint for this professional

    Since my role, as of last November working as Senior Principal Foundations Advocate at Tidelift, is again very public-facing, I’ve been meaning to update my professional bio, resume, and LinkedIn. But I’ve found it harder to find my professional voice without in-person events as a laboratory since 2020. Finally found the inspiration today — thanks…

  • New possibilities as I cut ties with Meta

    New possibilities as I cut ties with Meta

    This week, I am ceasing my use of Instagram. Over the course of 2023, I will cease use of Messenger. My timeline for departing Facebook is less clear, but it is a certainty that I will leave the platform. I’m not interested in persuading others to follow, but I will explain: For-profit social platforms will…

  • There’s no going back, let’s adapt to our pandemic present and future

    There’s no going back, let’s adapt to our pandemic present and future

    COVID is still ripping through the populace, growing increasingly transmissible, each infection degrading the immune system, making each successive infection more likely to leave us disabled and leaving us more vulnerable to other diseases. A full 20% of infections, regardless of severity, have consequences that never fully go away. And vaccines aren’t a magic bullet.…

  • Being creative in public

    Being creative in public

    I used to write short stories and poems, but somewhere along the line I became afraid to share and eventually just … stopped writing. But life is too short to live inauthentically. Yesterday, in a travel-weary state of mind, I challenged myself to write something, anything. Because I’ve been reconnecting with my love of poetry,…

  • Making a tradition of connection

    Making a tradition of connection

    I’ve long aspired to be the kind of person who sends cards or letters. Recently, I became that kind of person. Skip to the bottom for links to photo albums from Chris and Josh’s 2018 Wedding and from Scotty’s 2022 Celebration of Life. The initial spark was losing my brother Scott unexpectedly last June. I’ve…

  • The deep end of the Fediverse, and a blog

    The deep end of the Fediverse, and a blog

    From an imploding Twitter to a profusion of federated and self-hosted platforms, including this blog. A few years ago I started the work to reclaim my digital and online footprint, to bring more of it within my own control using open source software and privacy-minded services. At the time that meant trading Gmail for Fastmail…

  • Opening a new chapter

    Opening a new chapter

    I’ve spent much of 2022 reflecting on what it means to be a good husband, brother, son, uncle, friend, citizen, leader, and ancestor, and how that intersects with who I am and where I’ve been. It’s an evolving project, to be sure. Life always is. But I’ve come to conclusions that are good enough for…