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Fresh coat of paint for this professional

Since my role, as of last November working as Senior Principal Foundations Advocate at Tidelift, is again very public-facing, I’ve been meaning to update my professional bio, resume, and LinkedIn.

But I’ve found it harder to find my professional voice without in-person events as a laboratory since 2020. Finally found the inspiration today — thanks to Kevin Fleming who was bold enough to call me a respected member of the worldwide open source software community 😉

In the process, I found myself reflecting on my career, including all six years of my tenure with Open Source Initiative (OSI) and the intense one and a half year I spent as a volunteer Campaign Manager for the Blake Hooper for Supervisor 2022 campaign.

And… Wow. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and how I did it.

It’s a good feeling, which I believe will set me up for even greater success as I step with confidence into my new-ish role and resume attending in-person conferences (but only those that are #PHPledge compliant).

I look forward to sharing more about my role in time. But right now, I’m focused on laying a strong foundation in a practice that is new for both me and Tidelift.

Now I just need to update my professional headshots. Those are six years old at this point. Eek!






3 responses to “Fresh coat of paint for this professional”

  1. Benno Avatar

    @josh TBH didn't pick you as an Apple fan…

  2. Sue Burnside Avatar
    Sue Burnside

    Well, Joshua, I’ve ALWAYS found you to be a respected member of the worldwide open source software community. You have always been a leader! I think it’s in your blood. You did so much for the W.I.M.P. group, and I learned a lot because you lead that networking community. You rock!


  • 💬 January and February 2023

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